Create The Perfect Backyard Rink With Iron Sleek Ice Rink Liners

Creating the perfect backyard rink hinges on a host of key factors. Picking the best spot on your property, using a top quality kit, and accessorizing as needed are just some of the important factors to consider when you begin your build. Another critical detail to keep in mind when you move forward with your arena is choosing the right ice rink liners.

Iron Sleek Offers Top Quality Ice Rink Liners For Your Build

If you are searching for top quality ice rink liners to finish your backyard arena, look no further than Iron Sleek. Here at Iron Sleek, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with premium ice rink liners for a perfect final fit and finish. When using our ice rink liners, you will enjoy a wide range of distinctive features that will enhance the overall performance of your arena.

Experience The Iron Sleek Difference For Yourself

What are some of the key distinctions that an Iron Sleek rink offers? The first thing you will notice is the top quality material that we use on all of our ice rink liners. Every product uses only virgin polyethylene plastic resins. No inferior fabrics and provisions; no recycled materials and no add on consumer products; only premium components to ensure you receive a highly durable, 100% watertight final product.

Beyond quality materials, we also only offer white liner products. Many of our customers initially assume that the color of the product does not make a difference. However, our team educates our customers to help them understand the benefits offered by white materials. Dark liner colors and even clear liners can absorb extra heat and potentially melt your rink on warm, sunny days. A white liner will reflect solar energy and protect the performance of your arena.

Another major differentiating feature when purchasing one of our ice rink liners is the extensive sizing selection. With our sizing selection you be sure to have enough liner to cover your entire rink while still not over buying. This help to keep things economical. Our liner sizes are smart so that waste is minimal. Iron Sleek liner widths and cuts work awesome with nominal lumber, plywood, and our poly-steel boards.

Most importantly, when teaming with Iron Sleek, we offer extensive instructional resources to our clients. We firmly believe that building the perfect backyard arena should be fun and easy, not daunting and stressful! That’s why we offer instructions and video clips that can take you step-by-step through every phase of the process for the ultimate ease-of-use experience from start to finish.

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Top Ways Iron Sleek’s Ice Rink Liners Stand Apart From Other Products

Buying a backyard ice rink is an exciting time for any homeowner; it’s the perfect way to pass time throughout the winter months with the kids and stay active as the temperature drops. However, with the excitement of a new rink comes yet another decision to make when trying to find the right ice rink liners to use on your system. There are many options, both in retail stores and online. How can you be sure that you are picking a winner?

Here at Iron Sleek, we understand how critical quality ice rink liners can be for any outdoor system because we help 1000’s of people build rinks across the US and Canada. It’s our mission to make ice rink liners that truly stand apart from other products in the marketplace. How do we achieve this key goal? By delivering a line of liners that touts several distinctive qualities.
What To Know About Our Ice Rink Liners
The first thing that clients notice about our liners is the uniform color of every product. There is a reason why all of our ice rink liners are white. White reflects solar energy, which upholds the integrity of the ice. Other products may come in dark colors; however, the darker the color, the easier it is to melt ice when the sun is out. Other clear liners won’t work as well either; see-through liners actually absorb heat from the grass underneath and will break down the ice more quickly.
Another way that our ice rink liners stand out from other product options stems from the materials used to create them. First and foremost, you will never get a tarp when selecting a product from Iron Sleek. We understand that there is a major difference between tarps and ice rink liners. Tarps weep, tear easily as they lack the flexible stretch properties required of an ice rink liner and compromise easily, delivering an overall sub-par experience .
Additionally, every liner we offer is made from 100% watertight and pinhole free polyethylene, a virgin resin plastic. At Iron Sleek, we understand that recyclable materials, although useful in many other products, are not durable enough to be used in ice rink liners. That’s why we only use virgin resin plastic. Both strong and sturdy, this resin plastic is up to freeze/thaw challenges you create in your backyard.
Beyond the materials used in the liner, Iron Sleek also uses a multi-layer design on every product we offer. Why? Single ply simply does not do the job properly in a backyard system. We offer multiple layers to ensure you are water tight, have the strength and resilience you need to keep everyone having fun in your yard.
Iron Sleek: Experience Our Customer Service Satisfaction For Yourself
Most importantly, at Iron Sleek, we stand apart from the competition due to our complete commitment to customer service satisfaction. Our team of experts will become your rink consultants as we will work with you to answer any questions about your rink, so you get the perfect set up for your system. Once you’ve selected your product, we will ship it directly to you using only top quality packing materials so your item enjoys safe transit and arrives at your home ready to perform. Ready to experience Iron Sleek for yourself? Visit our websitetoday!

Backyard Ice Rink Liners


When it comes to choosing a liner or tarp, be sure that the liner is pin hole free, seamless, and white.  A seamless pin hole free poly liner does not weep water.  For an ice rink, water leaks usually result in extra maintenance and mediocre ice.  Also, depending on the winter, a weeping tarp could cause damage to the lawn as water can flood grass roots or trick the dormant lawn to become active in the middle of winter.
White liners or tarps make a big difference for forming and keeping great ice.  White helps keep the ice from melting by reflecting the radiant heat away from the rink on those sunny winter days.  Iron Sleek manufactures high quality ice rink liner using only virgin polyethylene resins, in pure white, and multilayered.  Multilayered liners are much stronger than a single layer.  WE DO NOT USE RECYCLED MATERIALS FOR YOUR LINERS as the first melt is the best melt.  Some lower cost options that can be found at the local hardware store may be made of recycled materials since they are not specifically made for winter ice rinks.  The first resin melt produces the highest quality plastic which is required to absorb the abuse of a cold winter.  Our manufacturing recipe is proven successful for outdoor natural rinks while recycled solutions are a compromise.  Also, we provide ice rink liner at widths that are perfect for making home ice rinks to be 20 wide, 30 wide, 40 wide, and 50 wide.  Our widths are specifically manufactured for those who are building backyard rinks.   If you are a park or recreation center, we also have liners as big enough to make an NHL size rink.  Do I really need a liner?

What mil thickness?

First of all, mil refers to the thickness of a liner in thousandths of an inch (i.e. 6 mil= 0.006”).  Iron Sleek recommends using the “flood method” where you flood a framed and lined enclosure (like building a swimming pool).  With the flood method, the liner is simply an impermeable. That is, it keeps the water from passing through. Reality, however, is that winter freeze/thaw patterns causes rinks to creep throughout the season. Although 3 mil is impermeable, it is too thin to endure the extreme winter patterns in North America. 5 mil and up is our recommendation for outdoor ice rinks. Iron Sleek goes the extra mil from 5 to 6 mil to assure your success.  Iron Sleek 6 mil Liner also has the multiple layers required for rinks…Layers will get you more toughness–like skin.  6 mil or 20 mil, a skate through the ice will still cut right through the liner so do not waste your money on extra heavy duty liners!  If you have rocky conditions, a string reinforced liner may be a better solution for you.

How Big?

Minimally, a liner should be big enough to cover the entire skating surface and should be able to come all the way up the boards and then droop down a bit on the exterior.  The liner should be at least 4 feet wider and 5 feet longer than the skating surface or more. For example, a rink that is 30 by 50 should use a liner that is at least 34 by 55. It is always good to have extra liner just in case you need to use taller boards. Remember, too much liner is not a mistake while too little is.  Long liners are easily trimmed for aesthetics!  Use Iron Sleek Rink Topper to hold the liner in place and to give your rink a nice appeal.  Iron Sleek liner clips are an affordable alternative to rink topper.  One more important consideration on sizes is to beware of nominal sizes versus actual sizes.  Tarps are usually nominal sizes while liner are actual sizes.  That would mean that a tarp can be smaller than the listed size.  With Iron Sleek liners, you will always get enough liner.

Can a liner be reused?

Take my word for it, cut out a few Starbucks coffees and save your money for a new liner every year. It is not worth the panic of “did I cut the liner” or “do I have a leak”. I have tried to keep my liner in tact in the past only to fail every time. Since my wife would never let me put that stinky monstrosity in the basement or garage, I tried to store it in the outdoor shed where I had creatures nibble holes through it, mold infestations, and rancid unexplainable stink. Buy a fresh clean liner every year. Use your old liner to cover your lumber in the off season or just recycle it since it is LPDE #4. If you insist on saving your liner, just use it as a bottom insurance layer for the following year. Do not worry so much about liner cuts above the ice level. Cuts beneath the ice are highly relevant so I strongly recommend protecting your liner from failing during the skating season with Iron Sleek Base Cove.

Do the Liners or Tarps kill the Grass?

Liners should be laid down only before a deep freeze is coming. By that time, the grass is dormant anyway. Snow covered grass gets little to no sunlight while grass still comes back every year. The problem occurs when you leave your liner/tarp in place during the time your grass becomes active.  I learned that using a true white liner buys you a little time and forgiveness which helps for healthier end of season lawns. If you lay your liner down on dormant grass and take it up when the grass is still dormant, you will be just fine with whatever you lay down. Some will advertise that white/black liners as grass killers, but boards and brackets are equally 100% opaque. Ice Rink Brackets and rink boards haven’t killed my grass. It’s all about timing and dormant grass. Also, there is no one who will guarantee that your grass will come back but it usually comes back better, at least that is what my experience and customers all tell me. We cannot control the weather and a fluke season could happen where the grass could be tricked to become active. My opinion is that a backyard rink is worth the minimal risk of losing your grass.

More on Liners.

Treat your liner very carefully when installing it. Be sure that nothing sharp is in your rink area or on your boards. Be sure that no screws are pointing into the rink interior. Tuck your liner down nicely into the rink. Fill the bottom gaps with soil or use Iron Sleek Base Cove. Do not staple your liner until it is settled when the rink is full of water. Iron Sleek Rink Topper is a great alternative to stapling. Never walk on your liner unless you have an emergency. In that case, do not where shoes, go in with 2 layers of socks on.  Never reach into your rink enclosure with tools, you will drop them and you will be sorry for your liner and your tools.