Top Ways Iron Sleek’s Ice Rink Liners Stand Apart From Other Products

Buying a backyard ice rink is an exciting time for any homeowner; it’s the perfect way to pass time throughout the winter months with the kids and stay active as the temperature drops. However, with the excitement of a new rink comes yet another decision to make when trying to find the right ice rink liners to use on your system. There are many options, both in retail stores and online. How can you be sure that you are picking a winner?

Here at Iron Sleek, we understand how critical quality ice rink liners can be for any outdoor system because we help 1000’s of people build rinks across the US and Canada. It’s our mission to make ice rink liners that truly stand apart from other products in the marketplace. How do we achieve this key goal? By delivering a line of liners that touts several distinctive qualities.
What To Know About Our Ice Rink Liners
The first thing that clients notice about our liners is the uniform color of every product. There is a reason why all of our ice rink liners are white. White reflects solar energy, which upholds the integrity of the ice. Other products may come in dark colors; however, the darker the color, the easier it is to melt ice when the sun is out. Other clear liners won’t work as well either; see-through liners actually absorb heat from the grass underneath and will break down the ice more quickly.
Another way that our ice rink liners stand out from other product options stems from the materials used to create them. First and foremost, you will never get a tarp when selecting a product from Iron Sleek. We understand that there is a major difference between tarps and ice rink liners. Tarps weep, tear easily as they lack the flexible stretch properties required of an ice rink liner and compromise easily, delivering an overall sub-par experience .
Additionally, every liner we offer is made from 100% watertight and pinhole free polyethylene, a virgin resin plastic. At Iron Sleek, we understand that recyclable materials, although useful in many other products, are not durable enough to be used in ice rink liners. That’s why we only use virgin resin plastic. Both strong and sturdy, this resin plastic is up to freeze/thaw challenges you create in your backyard.
Beyond the materials used in the liner, Iron Sleek also uses a multi-layer design on every product we offer. Why? Single ply simply does not do the job properly in a backyard system. We offer multiple layers to ensure you are water tight, have the strength and resilience you need to keep everyone having fun in your yard.
Iron Sleek: Experience Our Customer Service Satisfaction For Yourself
Most importantly, at Iron Sleek, we stand apart from the competition due to our complete commitment to customer service satisfaction. Our team of experts will become your rink consultants as we will work with you to answer any questions about your rink, so you get the perfect set up for your system. Once you’ve selected your product, we will ship it directly to you using only top quality packing materials so your item enjoys safe transit and arrives at your home ready to perform. Ready to experience Iron Sleek for yourself? Visit our websitetoday!