Create The Perfect Backyard Rink With Iron Sleek Ice Rink Liners

Creating the perfect backyard rink hinges on a host of key factors. Picking the best spot on your property, using a top quality kit, and accessorizing as needed are just some of the important factors to consider when you begin your build. Another critical detail to keep in mind when you move forward with your arena is choosing the right ice rink liners.

Iron Sleek Offers Top Quality Ice Rink Liners For Your Build

If you are searching for top quality ice rink liners to finish your backyard arena, look no further than Iron Sleek. Here at Iron Sleek, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with premium ice rink liners for a perfect final fit and finish. When using our ice rink liners, you will enjoy a wide range of distinctive features that will enhance the overall performance of your arena.

Experience The Iron Sleek Difference For Yourself

What are some of the key distinctions that an Iron Sleek rink offers? The first thing you will notice is the top quality material that we use on all of our ice rink liners. Every product uses only virgin polyethylene plastic resins. No inferior fabrics and provisions; no recycled materials and no add on consumer products; only premium components to ensure you receive a highly durable, 100% watertight final product.

Beyond quality materials, we also only offer white liner products. Many of our customers initially assume that the color of the product does not make a difference. However, our team educates our customers to help them understand the benefits offered by white materials. Dark liner colors and even clear liners can absorb extra heat and potentially melt your rink on warm, sunny days. A white liner will reflect solar energy and protect the performance of your arena.

Another major differentiating feature when purchasing one of our ice rink liners is the extensive sizing selection. With our sizing selection you be sure to have enough liner to cover your entire rink while still not over buying. This help to keep things economical. Our liner sizes are smart so that waste is minimal. Iron Sleek liner widths and cuts work awesome with nominal lumber, plywood, and our poly-steel boards.

Most importantly, when teaming with Iron Sleek, we offer extensive instructional resources to our clients. We firmly believe that building the perfect backyard arena should be fun and easy, not daunting and stressful! That’s why we offer instructions and video clips that can take you step-by-step through every phase of the process for the ultimate ease-of-use experience from start to finish.

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Backyard Ice Rink Kits: Six Tips To Buying The Right One For Your Family

Looking for fun and creative ways to use your yard during the cold winter months? Backyard ice rink kits can deliver an ideal option. Well-built backyard ice rink kits can easily transform your snow-covered yard into a fun ice-skating arena that everyone in the family will enjoy.

When you’re ready to move forward with purchasing backyard ice rink kits, it’s important to know what to look for to ensure you receive a premium product that will suit all of your needs. There are many providers to choose from; knowing six important tips will help you weed out non-viable vendors and find the perfect option for your family.

Tip #0: Team up with a product supplier who are backyard experts

Many tarp or liner suppliers actually know nothing about rinks. It is just a seasonal hobby for them. They will buy the cheapest supplies trying to make a quick buck in the winter. Choose a company whose passion and knowledge is outdoor rinks. The company you choose should become your consultant. Building a rink could be tricky, be sure the company you buy from is your rink building teammate.

Tip #1: You Should Have Options

Are you looking at various vendors who offer backyard ice rink kits, but feel like your choices are very limited? Or, do you feel like you’re being forced into decisions that aren’t quite a perfect fit for your family? Move on; a quality provider of premium backyard ice rink kits will offer a comprehensive range of product options and sizes. Having options available means that you can select the right model to fit both your backyard, your skaters’ needs and your budget.

Tip #2: Look For Money And Time Savers

Outdoor ice-skating rinks should not drain both your time and financial resources. Established vendors will offer various kits and products at affordable pricing. Best of all, an experienced vendor will create kits designed specifically to save you time.

Tip #3: Get Everything You Need In One Package

Some providers offer a la carte shopping for each individual item needed for installation. The result? You spend more than you need to setting up and you waste precious time purchasing every single component you need separately. When shopping, choose vendors that offer all-inclusive backyard ice rink kits so you know you will have everything you need in one package.

Tip #4: Consider Materials Used

Your outdoor rink needs to be strong and durable to ensure it withstands everything you and your little skaters dish out over the year. Don’t settle for a design made of subpar materials or a homemade recipe. Find options that offer a steel design. Steel backyard ice rink kits deliver superior performance and endurance, making them an ideal choice for homeowners.

Tip #5: Have Room To Grow

Sure, a smaller ice rink may suit your family’s needs now. But, what happens when everyone starts to grow? Will your ice rink be able to grow right along with you? If not you may find yourself starting over and having to purchase an entirely new set at some point. Don’t waste money starting over. Look for a kit that is expandable, so your rink can grow along with your family.

Tip #6: Look For Customization Accessories

Once again, settling for one-size-fits-all kits is not the answer. Instead, search for vendors that offer accessories that complement their designs. You and your family can select various items to customize your rink as only you can.

Have questions about quality backyard ice rink kits? We have answers. Contact Iron Sleek today to hear more!